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Yongkang Paper Signed The Burner For The Natural Gas Steam Boiler

In August 2017, Yongkang Paper, located in Handan, is a 2+26 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei air pollution transmission channel. The environmental protection and energy-saving transformation tasks in the city circle are very heavy. Although gas boilers are used, the periodic natural gas price rises and fluctuations are too large. Production costs are very high.

The person in charge of the factory is very anxious to find alternative environmentally friendly energy sources. After being introduced to Haiqi’s environmentally friendly biomass sawdust burner, he felt suddenly enlightened, because there are many wood processing companies in the vicinity that produce a lot of sawdust, which is very suitable. Haiqi saw the use of the sawdust burner, and then went to the factory to investigate in detail and quickly signed a burner that uses sawdust to connect to a 6-ton natural gas steam boiler.

After the equipment is installed and used in the factory, the user feels very satisfied, because 2-3 kilograms of wood chips can be equivalent to the heat generated by 1 cubic meter of natural gas, but the cost is only about one-third of the natural gas. Comprehensive use will help the company’s energy conservation and efficiency. Very significant.


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