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Wood Dust Burner

Wood dust burner: Heat efficiency:95%-98%,

Fuel type: wood powder, sanding powder, rice husk powder, etc

Particle diameter: 30-60 mesh, Moisture:<15% The capacity is from 300,000kcal/h to 18,000,000kcal/hr.

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Product Description

Basic Principle Of Wood Dust Burner

Through the feeding device, the raw materials enter the fuel bin, then blowing into wood powder burner by air fan, Through high-temperature cracking and suspended semi-gasification combustion, and then transfer the heat to the energy-using equipment. Using the principle of radiant heat and convection heat, three-stage of air distribution and oxygen increasing to make wood powder fully burned in the furnace and more than 98% of heat is transferred to energy-using equipment.


Feedstock Of Wood Dust Burner

Types of fuel: wood powder, sand powder, rice husk powder, coal powder, etc.

Biomass fuel requirements: powder diameter 60-80 mesh, moisture content<15%

Coal powder requirement: calorific value>25MJ, volatile component>25%, ash content 8-10%, total moisture 3-4%, total sulphur<1%, powder size 150-200 mesh


Wood Dust Burner Application:Used for Steam boiler, Thermal oil furnace, Rotary dryer, Spray drying line, Coal-fired boiler, Aluminum melting furnace, Incinerator, Forging heating


Benefit Analysis Of Wood Dust Burner

Fuel Heat demand Continuity /h Fuel consumption Unit price Ten thousand /month

(30 days)

Ten thousand/year

(10 months)

Natural gas 6million kcal/h 24 706m³/h ¥3.85/m³ 195.7 1957
Diesel 6million kcal/h 24 600kg/h ¥7.5/kg 324 3240
Heavy oil 6million kcal/h 24 632kg/h ¥5.5/kg 250.27 2502.7
Coal 6million kcal/h 24 1200kg/h ¥0.7/kg 60.48 604.8
Biomass pellet 6million kcal/h 24 1500kg/h ¥0.8/kg 86.4 864
Wood dust 6million kcal/h 24 1500kg/h ¥0.4/kg 43.2 432
Remark: The above parameters are calculated according to 10 tons boiler. The actual price of raw materials is based on the actual local price. The data in the figure shows that biomass fuel can save more than 70% cost than natural gas, and it has environmental advantages over coal.


Features Of Wood Dust Burner

●Haiqi biomass semi-gasification wood dust burner can generate 18 million Kcal/h of heat, matched 30 tons of boiler. Specifically for the industrial sector, 24-hour continuous operation can be achieved.

●Our company has a complete range of equipment with a heat capacity of 300,000-18,000,000 Kcal/h, matched boiler of 0.5 to 30 tons.

●Safe automatic feeding, automatic alarm switching function.

●Large-medium-low fire can be automatically switched by operating conditions.

●One-button to start, safe automatic ignition.

●Manual-automatic switching, can adapt different operating conditions.

●Full body cast first grade high alumina refractories,The host adopts 4 layers of protective measures, and the whole body is cooled by water.Professional refractory casting technology, anchor nail reinforcement, reasonable expansion joint technology.

●The top of the furnace is protected by four layers of U.S. refractories and covered with water-cooled insulation.

●Nozzle imported high aluminum material, anti-corrosion high temperature resistance。

●The outer water jacket protects the furnace , reduce surface of furnace temperature and fully protects the furnace body.

●The main body adopts three-layer insulation, with less heat loss and improved thermal efficiency.

●High-temperature pyrolysis Multi-stage votex oxygen ensures that the raw material is fully burned and the thermal efficiency is improved.

●Suspension fluid combustion, increase the contact area with oxygen, so that the fuel combustion is fully uniform, the overall thermal efficiency is up to over 95%.

●The furnace front and furnace back system can realize interconnection interlocking, explosion-proof combustion and anti-tempering.

●Micro-negative pressure system operation, simple operation on duty.

●The furnace body is equipped with a thermometer, and the temperature of the furnace body can be observed at any time to avoid high temperature damage to the furnace body and the risk of burns to the operator.

●Biomass fuel has low cost, automatic control saved labor cost, and high-tech design with more efficiency, comprehensive energy-saving effect is obvious.

●Meet environmental standards, biomass fuel emissions are almost zero pollution, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are much lower than the national emission standards.

●The cost of recovery is fast, tens of thousands of dollars invested, and millions of dollors are saved per year.


Technical Parameters Of Wood Dust Burner

Equipment Model Screw fuel feeding(kw) Fuel bin size(Ø*h)mm Burner size
Muzzle dia.& center height(mm) Biomass consumpiton (kg/h) Heating Value (kcal/h) Reference Weight
Matched Boiler (T)
HQ-W1.0T 1.5 V-type
1900*950*2100 500*950 155 600,000 6.2 1
HQ-W2.0T 2.2 V-type
2060*1050*2330 600*1040 310 1,200,000 7.6 2
HQ-W4.0T 3 V-type
2150*1120*2630 860*1160 600 2,400,000 8.2 4
HQ-W6.0T 3 V-type
2150*1120*2630 860*1160 1000 3,600,000 8.8 6
HQ-W8.0T 5.5 Ø2600*6000 3050*1600*3170 1200*1320 1200 4,800,000 10.5 8
HQ-W10T 5.5 Ø2600*6000 3050*1600*3170 1200*1320 1500 6,000,000 11.5 10
HQ-W15T 5.5 Ø2600*6000 3250*1700*3250 1300*1450 2250 9,000,000 14 15
HQ-W20T 5.5 Ø2600*6000 3500*1800*3300 1400*1600 3000 12,000,000 18 20


1.suitable for wood powder size 60-80 mesh,moisture:<15%
2.suitable for coal size 150-200 mesh,moisture:<5%, calorific value>25MJ, ash 8-10%, sulphur<1%.
3.if there is any change in techinical parameters, no further notice.


Wood Dust Burner Docking Dryer System

Wood Dust Burner Test Site

Video Display of Wood Dust Burner

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