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Waste Gasification Power Plant

Waste gasification power plant: capacity from 1000kw to 6000kw, modular design, several modular for big capacity.

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Product Description

Waste Gasification Power Plant: capacity from 1000kw to 6000kw, modular design, several modular for big capacity.


Technical Parameters Of Waste Gasification Power Plant

Heating value of waste input gasifier
Quantity of waste input gasifier(t/d) Total heating value
Flue gas volume
Gasifier diameter
Boiler capacity
Steam turbine power capacity
Equipment floor space
Power consumption per hour
Operator per shift
≥2000 50 4,170,000 10,665 3.0 8 1.1 2000 130-170 7-10
100 8,330,000 21,330 2*3.0 15 2.4 3000 340-460 8-12
200 16,670,000 42,660 4*3.0 2*15 4.5 4000 670-890 10-15
500 41,670,000 106,650 10*3.0 5*15 12 8000 1800-2400 12-18

Principle Of Pyrolysis Gasification

Pyrolysis is the process of heating and decomposing organics under anaerobic or anoxic conditions. The process is a complex chemical reaction process. Including the breakage of macromolecular bonds, isomerization and the polymerization of small molecules and other reactions, and finally generate a variety of smaller molecules. At the same pyrolysis ambient temperature, the thermogravimetric analysis (TG) and the thermal re-derivative (DTG) of different materials are different.

In the process of pyrolysis, water vapor, free oxygen or combined oxygen reacts with carbon in the fuel to form a combustible gas. The process of waste pyrolysis gasification is complicated, and the conditions of pyrolysis gasification reaction are also different, but all the processes of pyrolysis gasification reaction basically include the processes of drying, pyrolysis, oxidation and reduction of biomass.


Types Of Garbage Suitable For Waste Gasifier

Household waste      Industrial waste       Medical waste

> 2,000 kcal/kg       > 3,500 kcal/kg        > 4,000 kcal/kg

> 8.3 MJ/kg          > 14.6 MJ/kg          > 16.7 MJ/kg


Advantages Of Waste Gasifier

●No auxiliary fuel required

●No need for waste pretreatment and drying

●Suitable for many types of garbage

●Minimize emissions of hazardous substances

●Ashes are completely burned out


Features Of Haiqi Waste Gasification Power Plant

The Haiqi gasifier adopts “ultra-low air combustion technology”, which is composed of primary combustion chamber and secondary combustion chamber. The primary combustion chamber can be divided into three areas: preheating drying zone, pyrolysis gasification zone, and carbon layer burnout zone.


The garbage enters primary combustion chamber through the sealed feeding, and the bottom of the grate is introduced with ultra-low ratio primary air (λ≤0.5), and the garbage in primary combustion chamber is partially burned (carbonized) and pyrolyzed (to produce combustible pyrolysis gas). The temperature of the pyrolysis gasification zone is 600-900°C, the air distribution coefficient is 0.2, and the residence time is 1.5 hours.


The high-temperature gas produced in the pyrolysis gasification zone provides heat to the fresh garbage that has just entered to make it completely dry. The temperature in the preheating drying zone is 600℃, the air distribution coefficient is 0.1, and the garbage residence time is 0.5 hours. The dried solid waste is easily burned in the combustion zone and pyrolyzed and gasified. The solid residue after pyrolysis gasification stays in the carbon layer burn-out zone for a long time. The temperature in the carbon layer burn-out zone is 900-600℃. The air distribution coefficient is 0.15, and the residence time is 2 hours. All unburned solid residues are then completely burned and turned into ash, and then the ash is discharged to the ash conveyor installed under the furnace.


At the same time, the combustible gas produced by the pyrolysis process filters out part of the dust in the upper settlement zone of the gasifier, and then enters the secondary combustion chamber to be further burned by the excess secondary combustion air. The combustion temperature of combustible gas in the secondary combustion chamber is 900-1100℃, the residence time of flue gas is more than 2 seconds, and the air distribution coefficient is about 0.6. This two-stage combustion minimizes the production of harmful substances in the flue gas. The unique feature of this technology is that it can realize the pyrolysis process without using auxiliary fuel, and separate combustion of the solid residue and the flue gas in a single system.












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